What is Chris Steytler Industries?

We are a registered welfare organization, assisting people that are disabled by illness or accident, to work...and to work under circumstances that suit each person's particular disability.

Whenever possible, we train and prepare disabled workers that have potential for suitable positions available in the open labour market.

Chris Steytler Industries is also a registered utility company and factory that has undertaken subcontract work for surrounding business since its inception in 1983.

It is a business venture and is run as such by a board of directors, a factory manager and administrative staff.

Who are the labour force?

We employ 170 disabled workers – men and women of all races with a wide spectrum of disabilities (physical or mental). Before they are engaged, all potential workers are professionally evaluated regarding their suitability for employment in this organization.

We undertake those time consuming, labour intensive, “nuisance” value jobs for you.

Routine parts of your production can be handed over to us, thereby leaving your own workers free to concentrate on more skilled tasks or the development of new products .We can supplement your own staff as your business expand. In this way you save your own staff as your business expands. In this way you save not only on wages. But, but also administration cost. In some cases we handle the whole manufacturing. Packing and dispatch of goods, this can save you a great deal in time floor space and manpower. You can also benefit the community because you help to create jobs for those WHO would be otherwise unemployed.

You are most welcome to pay us a visit and see what we can do! Seeing is believing.

Examples of the wide variety of work that we do include: